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flora: J. communis L., J. sibirica L. and J. virginiana. J. communis L., common juniper, is an evergreen shrub and grows in the Apuseni Mountains and Banat's upper hills [5-7] A Comparative Study of Juniperus communis and Juniperus virginiana Extracts. The Influence of method, solvent, and provenience. A. Gruia. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. This paper. A short summary of this paper. 37 Full PDFs related to this paper. READ PAPER Juniperus virginiana L. and Juniperus communis L. plants were collected in 2008 from the W est of Romania (Macea Univer- sity Botanical Garden, Arad, Romania)

Keywords: Juniperus communis, Juniperus virginiana, sonication extraction, refluxing extraction, principal component analysis The genus Juniperus consists of approximately 60-70 species [1-3]. Common juniper (Juniperus communis L.) is a native evergreen gymnosperm shrub or small tree growing in dry uncultivated regions of Asia, Europe, Nort Becoming a contributing member of Gardenia is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. If you provide us with your name, email address and the payment of a modest $25 annual membership fee, you will become a full member, enabling you to design and save up to 25 of your garden design ideas. Join now and start creating your dream garden! Join Native Junipers You Should Know. Juniperus virginiana and Juniperus communis - we have a boatload of these plants and they are really nice! I remember growing Juniperus virginiana and Juniperus communis years ago and they didn't look as good as they do today. The bottom needles would turn brown and the plants wouldn't let go of them

Do druhé skupiny patří jalovce, které mají listy v dospělosti šupinovité, křížmostojné. Nejznámější je jalovec chvojka (Juniperus sabina), ale patří sem i jalovec virginský (Juniperus virginiana), jalovec čínský (Juniperus chinensis) či jalovec poléhavý (Juniperus horizontalis). Silice těchto druhů je dráždivá, jedovatá Jalovec obecný (Juniperus communis L.)Čeleď: Cypřišovité (Cupressaceae) Jalovcové borůvky, boleráz, borovička, borovec, chvojka. Juniperus communis, z keltského junepus - hořký, trpký, štiplavý. Jalovec byl znám již v antice. Hippokrates jej používal k urychlení hojení ran a vnitřně k urychlení porodu Many junipers (e.g. J. chinensis, J. virginiana) have two types of leaves; seedlings and some twigs of older trees have needle-like leaves 5-25 mm (0.20-0.98 in) long, and the leaves on mature plants are (mostly) tiny (2-4 mm (0.079-0.157 in)), overlapping, and scale-like. When juvenile foliage occurs on mature plants, it is most often found on shaded shoots, with adult foliage in full sunlight jalovec obecný (Juniperus communis), jalovec virginský (Juniperus virginiana), jalovec chvojka (Juniperus sabina) a jalovec þínský (Juniperus chinensis), (Hurych, 1985). 3.2 Popis druhu jalovec obecný (Juniperus communis) Nomenklatura - jalovec obecný (Juniperus communis) Juniperus communis byl popsán a systematicky zařazen v roce 1753 Carl von Linnéem The oils derived from J. communis and J. virginiana and Juniperus Oxycedrus Tar were not skin irritants in animals. The oil from J. virginiana was not a sensitizer, and the oil from J. communis was not phototoxic in animal tests. Juniperus Oxycedrus Tar was genotoxic in several assays. No genotoxicity data were available for any of the extracts

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Juniperus ×pfitzeriana jalovec Pfitzerův Juniperus chinensis jalovec čínský Juniperus communis jalovec obecný Juniperus communis var. communis jalovec obecný pravý Juniperus communis var. saxatilis jalovec obecný nízký Juniperus sabina jalovec chvojka Juniperus virginiana jalovec virginsk 'Grey Owl' - found in a batch of J. virginiana 'Glauca' seedlings, possibly a hybrid between 'Glauca' and J. chinensis 'Pfitzeriana'. Often listed as Juniperus 'Grey Owl' . 'Hillii' - dense and columnar, slow growing to 15-20 ft (4.5-6 m), leaves awl-shaped with a bluish-white band above, greenish-blue below, foliage pale.

Juniperus communis 'Gold Cone'. Kultivary druhu jalovec obecný ( Juniperus communis ) 'Depressed Star' - zelené jehlice, přitisklý poléhavý keř. 'Bruns' - modrozelené jehlice, úzký sloupovitý tvar. 'Berkshire' bronzově zelené jehlice, výška 15-30 šířka 90-120 cm, pH půdy 5.1-7.8 ,rozmnožování pouze vegetativně, řízky. http://davesgarden This is a very different kind of habitat than that found in J. scopulorum and J. virginiana. Juniperus scopulorum grows on dry, rocky mountainous soils. Juniperus virginiana is more cosmopolitan, growing in limestone areas as well as deep soils. Both J. scopulorum and J. virginiana are weedy junipers that invade old fields and disturbed roadsides Juniperus virginiana L. Eastern Redcedar. A tree usually 40 to 50, occasionally 60 to 100 ft high; the bark peeling off in long loose strips. It is pyramidal when young, becoming more round-topped with age. Leaves of both awl-shaped (juvenile) and scale-like (adult) forms on the same tree Virginischer Wacholder (Juniperus virginiana L.): Es gibt zwei Varietäten: Juniperus virginiana L. var. virginiana in östlichen Regionen Kanadas und der USA. Juniperus virginiana var. silicicola A.E.Murray in den USA nur in den südöstlichen Bundesstaaten Florida, Georgia, South Carolina und North Carolina Juniperus communis, as described in 1753 by Carl Linnaeus (or Carolus Linnæus) (1707-1778), Species Plantarum 2, is commonly known as the common juniper, is a species in the genus Juniperus, in the family Cupressaceae. It has the largest range of any woody plant, throughout the cool temperate Northern Hemisphere from the Arctic, south in mountains to around 30°N latitude in North America, Europe and Asia

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Many junipers (e.g. Juniperus chinensis, Juniperus virginiana) have two types of leaves: seedlings and some twigs of older trees have needle-like leaves 0.4 to 1 inch (5 - 25 mm) long; and the leaves on mature plants are (mostly) tiny 0.08 to 0.16 inch (2 - 4 mm) long, overlapping and scale-like. When juvenile foliage occurs on mature plants, it is most often found on shaded shoots, with adult foliage in full sunlight Juniperus has traditionally been divided into two large sections: in section Juniperus all leaves are of juvenile form (scale-like leaves being found only on the cone peduncle), while in section Sabina juvenile leaves are restricted to seedlings and the lowermost branches; mature leaves are scale-like, decurrent, decussate or rarely whorled (Farjon 1992). These leaf characters are somewhat plastic, and mutants with unusual leaf morphologies are not uncommon, both in cultivation and in nature juniperus virginiana / 1. query. type Hledat R 1. Články / Všechna témata. topic. This paper presents the study of Juniperus communis and Juniperus virginiana extracts. Several extractions were carried out using different solvents (tetrahydrofuran, chloroform, hexane, ethyl acetate and toluene) and all extracts were analyzed using Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectroscopy. The identification of compounds was done using NIST database. The twigs with ripe berries, the berries.

Discover Life's page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Juniperus - Juniper -- Discover Life D I S C O V E R L I F E Home • All Living Things • IDnature guides • Global mapper • Albums • Labels • Searc The extracts of various juniper parts were obtained by refluxing method. The compositions of berries, needles and branches from two species of Juniperus (Juniperus communis and J. virginiana) were comparatively analyzed by GC-MS and Kovats indeces. All the analyzed species contained 15 main compounds, the most common compounds being α-pinene, β-phellandrene and limonene Juniperus communis ´Hibernica´ V 3-5 m, Š 1 m. Juniperus communis ´Sentinel´ V 3 m. Juniperus communis ´Suecica´ V 4 m. Juniperus scopulorum ´Blue Arrow´ V 6 m, Š 0,8 m (10 let po výsadbě: V 2-3 m, Š 0,5-0,6 m) Juniperus scopulorum ´Skyrocket´ V 4-8 m, Š 0,8-1 m (10 let po výsadbě: V 3 m, Š 0,6-0,8 m) Juniperus virginiana.

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  1. Dřeviny A-Z: Jalovec čínský - Juniperus chinensis, Jalovec chvojka - Juniperus sabina, Jalovec obecný - Juniperus communis, Jalovec obecný nízký - Juniperus communis subsp. alpina, Jalovec virginský - Juniperus virginiana
  2. Do druhé skupiny patří jalovce, které mají listy v dospělosti šupinovité, křížmostojné. Nejznámější je jalovec chvojka (Juniperus sabina), ale patří sem i jalovec virginský (Juniperus virginiana), jalovec čínský (Juniperus chinensis) či jalovec poléhavý (Juniperus horizontalis). Silice těchto druhů je dráždivá.
  3. Virginian Juniper (Juniperus virginiana)—This vast columnar juniper tree has feathery, scale-like blue-green or gray-green leaves and masses of dark blue-black berries. Also called the eastern red cedar, the Virginian juniper grows 40 to 50 ft. (12 - 15 m) tall and 8 to 20 ft. (2.4 - 6 m) wide

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  1. Juniperus - jalovec. Kateřina Řehořová 06.12.2006. V sadovnictví mají význam především druhy jalovců široce rozložité až poléhavé, které jsou nejznámějšími půdopokryvnými jehličnany. Jalovce jsou stromy nebo keře s listy jehlicovitými (jalovec obecný a jalovec stěsnaný) nebo šupinovitými i jehlicovitými
  2. Junipers are a group of aromatic evergreen shrubs and trees in the Cypress family that are native worldwide in the northern hemisphere. Many varieties are standard elements that are frequently planted in a landscape, such as Juniperus communis 'Greenmantle,' a prostrate, spreading Juniper, and Juniperus communis 'Compressa,' a conical, dwarf tree
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  4. Záměny: V kontaktu s poněkud podobnými druhy Juniperus virginiana a Juniperus horizontalis vznikají spontánní kříženci. První se liší listy, které se více překrývají, většinou špičatými vrcholy šupinovitých listů, borkou odlupující se na silnějších větvích v tenkých proužcích a jalovčinkami, které.
  5. A new and distinct Juniperus variety is provided which originated as a chance seedling from a number of Juniperus virginiana seeds planted in a cultivated area at Ipswich, Mass. The new Juniper variety described hereafter is an attractive rapid grower which assumes a dense columnar configuration which renders it well suited for a wide range of landscape requirements

Jalovec viržinský Jalovec viržinský je jehličnatá dřevina vyskytující se na rozsáhlém území ve východních oblastech Severní Ameriky. Je pěstován v četných kultivarech jako okrasná dřevina. Největší exempláře tohoto jalovce dosahují výšky 22 metrů a výčetní tlouštky kmene 160 cm. Nejstarší exemplář byl nalezen v západní Virginii a jeho stáří bylo. Anonymous. Final report on the safety assessment of Juniperus communis extract, Juniperus oxycedrus extract, Juniperus oxycedrus tar, Juniperus phoenica extract and Juniperus virginiana extract. Int J Toxicol 2001, 20(2):41-56. Anonymous. Royal Decree of 29 August 1997 concerning the manufacturing and commercialising o

Kultivary druhu jalovec obecný (Juniperus communis) 'Depressed Star' - zelené jehlice, přitisklý poléhavý keř 'Bruns' - modrozelené jehlice, úzký sloupovitý tvar 'Berkshire' bronzově zelené jehlice, výška 15-30 šířka 90-120 cm, pH půdy 5.1-7.8 ,rozmnožování pouze vegetativně, řízky Jalovec virginský - Juniperus virginiana Synonyma: Juniperus arborescens, Sabina virginiana Juniperus virginiana je asi 30 m vysoký zpravidla jednokmenný strom z čeledi Cupressaceae s zaokrouhlenou až vejcovitou korunou a vzpřímenými až rozkladitými větvemi. Je to jeden z nejmohutnějších stromů z rodu Juniperus. Průměr kmene činí okolo 0,6 m Juniperus communis Effusa, Borievka obyčajná, nízka okrasná drevina . Skladom. Juniperus communis Gold Cone . Skladom. Juniperus communis Goldschatz . Juniperus virginiana Grey Owl, Borievka virgínska. cena pred zľavou 42,00 EUR. Cena v e-shope 29,40 EUR. Skladom. akcia. zľava 30 %

Juniperus communis 'Hibernica' - jalovec obecný Při vhodné volbě jednotlivých druhů a kultivarů lze z jehličnanů sestavit barevně i vzhledem působivé kombinace. A mají ještě jednu výhodu - pokud jsme jim vybrali vhodné stanoviště, vyžadují jen minimum péče a můžou nám zpříjemňovat pobyt na zahradě po mnoho let Latinská synonyma: Juniperus hudsonica, Juniperus prostrata, Juniperus repens, Juniperus virginiana prostrata, Sabina horizontalis, Sabina prostrata, Juniperus. Juniperus communis 'Gold Cone' En stock À partir de 10,50 Juniperus virginiana 'Skyrocket' En stock À partir de 24,90.

Juniper (Juniperus communis) Extraction and storage Extraction of juniper seeds from the cones, which contain between one and three seeds is difficult. The cones are very resinous and hold on to the seeds more than most fruits, so a more dramatic method is used There are about 60 species of junipers, distributed in the northern hemisphere. Of the approximately 20 species in the USSR, eight grow in the Caucasus and seven in Middle Asia. The common, or dwarf, juniper (Juniperus communis) is wide-spread in the forest zone. A dioecious shrub or sapling measuring 1-5 m in height, it has needlelike leaves. Mezi zástupce rodu Juniperus patří např. Juniperus communis (jalovec obecný), Juniperus sabina (jalovec klášterský), Juniperus virginiana (jalovec virginský), Juniperus chinensis (jalovec čínský), Juniperus procumbens (jalovec poléhavý), Juniperus squamata (jalovec stěsnaný), Juniperus horizontalis (jalovec plazivý), Juniperus davuric Juniperus communis (Jalovec obecný): popis, kultivary, návody na pěstování a množení a prodej Původní druh je blízce příbuzný druhu J. virginiana . Někdy je také proto uváděn jako horský podruh J. virginiana var. scopulorum. Pochází ze severní Ameriky, kde je rozšířen v oblasti Skalnatých hor, kde roste ve výškách kolem 2000 m nad mořem a dále od pohoří v Albertě v Kanadě až po Texas na jihu

Varieties of Juniper (Juniperus communis) There are a multitude of Juniperus varieties available from local garden centers and specialty nurseries. A few popular ones are described below. Juniper horizontalis 'Wiltonii' - striking silvery blue needles that turn purple in winter cold; this variety is female and will produce light blue berries; performs well in southern heat; grows up to 6. Jalovec (Juniperus) je rod stálezelených jehličnatých keřů či stromů z čeledi cypřišovitých (Cupressaceae), zahrnující asi 55-60 druhů, což z něho činí nejpočetnější rod čeledi. Charakteristickým rysem rodu je, že zralé šišky, zvané jalovčinky (odborně galbuly), mají zdužnatělé semenné šupiny a připomínají bobule; na rozdíl od ostatních zástupců.

Juniperus L. é um género de coníferas pertencente à família Cupressaceae, [1] [2] que inclui 50-67 espécies (em função da estruturação taxonómica adoptada) de arbustos procumbentes, arbustos e árvores de médio porte, caracterizados por apresentarem tronco robusto, madeira duradoura e, em geral, excepcional longevidade.O género tem uma distribuição natural alargada pelo. Descripción. Juniperus communis es un arbusto de 1 o 2 metros de altura de lento desarrollo que, creciendo en condiciones óptimas, forma un arbolito de dimensiones algo mayores (ocasionalmente puede llegar a los 10 metros). Sus hojas, con forma de aguja grande y reunidas en espirales de tres son de color verde y presentan una única banda estomatal blanca en la cara exterior Anonymus. Final report on the safety assessment of Juniperus communis extract, Juniperus oxycedrus extract, Juniperus oxycedrus tar, Juniperus phoenica extract and Juniperus virginiana extract. Int. J. Toxicol. 2001; 20(2): 41-56. Anonymus. Royal Decree of 29 August 1997 concerning the manufacturing and commercialising of foo Juniperus communis - Thuja occidentalis, Chamaecyparis thyoides, Juniperus horizontalis - Juniperus virginiana, et Taxodium distichum Juniperus sabina jalovec chvojka: Autor Dohnal, Josef : Datum 21.2.1976: Lokalita Olomouc (okr. Olomouc): zahrada. Stát Česká republika: Poznámka převzato z Vlastivědného muzea v Olomouci: ID fotografie 1735

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Juniperus virginiana 'Blue Arrow' Juniperus virginiana 'Blue Arrow' Common name: Blue Arrow Eastern Redcedar. Pronunciation: ju-NIP-er-us ver-jin-ee-A-na. Family: Juniperus communis 'Depressa Aurea' Golden Flat Juniper; Juniperus communis 'Green Carpet' Green Carpet Juniper; Juniperus communis 'Pioneer Juniperus Virginiana 9 cm pot. Juniperus Virginiana nécessite une place au soleil et tolère assez bien la chaleur estivale, à condition que l'emplacement soit suffisamment humide Firstly, there has been some confusion between juniper (Juniperus communis) and savin (Juniperus sabina). [Tisserand EOS] As an occasional gin imbiber, I found the following of interest, Normally avoided during pregnancy, mainly because of the notorious reputation of gin, of which juniper is the main flavor ingredient (PNC)

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The most widespread native conifer in eastern North America, Juniperus virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar) is a densely columnar to broadly pyramidal evergreen conifer forming a splendid exclamation point in the landscape. Fragrant, the scale-like foliage can be coarse or fine-cut, and varies in color from gray-green to blue-green to light- or dark-green. While the foliage of the species tends to. Rod JUNIPERUS. Známe celkem asi 60 druhů jehličnatých, většinou pomalu rostoucích keřů i stromků, rozšířených na severní polokouli. Tyto stálezelené, rozměrově i tvarově rozdílné druhy s velmi širokým výběrem kultivarů působí spíše vážným dojmem. Použití je mnohostranné - podle druhů. Hlavní estetický.

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Particularité de l'espèce Juniperus virginiana: Arbre de 15-30 m, dioïque ou monoïque. Colonne large puis irrégulière, à ramure de plus en plus aérée. Feuilles adultes squamiformes, de 1,5-2 mm, à apex libre. Ramifications fines. Petits cônes, 5 mm, de maturité annuelle Juniperus horizontalis ´Wiltonii´ (Jalovec polehlý ´Wiltonii´) Tento modrý koberec, který se rozrůstá i na nejsušších místech v zahradách, dobře prospívá, dokud má dostatek světla. Snese všechny typy půd. Atraktivní půdní kryt, též se velmi hodí jako doplněk ke sloupovitým tvarů dřevin. Vzrůst: 10 cm (šířka Common Juniper (Juniperus communis) Common Junipers get their name from being commonly found all over the globe. Common juniper varieties are highly adaptable and tolerant of different environmental conditions, soil types, and climates. There are common juniper shrubs that grow to 15 feet tall, as well as trees that reach up to 30 feet tall Noteworthy Characteristics. Juniperus virginiana, commonly called Eastern red cedar, is native to Missouri where it typically occurs on limestone bluffs and glades, wood margins, fields, pastures and fence rows throughout the state except for the southeastern lowlands (Steyermark).It is a broadly conical, sometimes columnar, dense, evergreen conifer with horizontal branching that typically. Cultivar list ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CONIFERS, published in 1Q 2012. The best gardening informtion for professionals,amateur gardeners,conifer gardeners,landscapers,nurseries,arboretum,garden

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CONIFEROUS PLANTS; A C D E. Abies alba Abies alba 'Pendula' Abies alba 'Piramidalis' Abies amabilis 'Procumbens' Abies amabilis 'Spreading Star' Abies balsamea Abies balsamea 'Globosa' Abies balsamea 'Hudsonia' Abies balsamea 'Jamie' Abies balsamea 'Kiwi' Abies balsamea 'Le Feber' Abies balsamea 'Nana' Abies balsamea 'Piccolo' Abies borisii-regis Abies cephalonica Abies cephalonica 'Mayer. <section class=abstract><p>We report a comparative study of <em>Juniperus virginiana</em> and <em>Juniperus communis</em> essential oils (obtained by.

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We report a comparative study of Juniperus virginiana and Juniperus communis essential oils (obtained by hydrodistillation of plant parts from the west of Romania or obtained commercially in Europe) by thin layer chromatographic and gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis. Concentrations of cineole and guaiazulene, key compounds with insect repellent and anti-inflammatory activity. Cedar berries come from eastern red cedar trees (Juniperus virginiana) that can grow as tall as 50 feet. The juniper berries used for flavoring come from the Juniperus communis, which can be a sprawling shrub or a tree that can grow as tall as 52 feet. Both eastern red cedar trees and Juniperus communis plants produce berries that are a dark blue and about the size of large peppercorns

Common in the eastern United States — officially east of the 100th meridian — is Juniperus virginiana, top photo, joo-NIP-er-us ver-jin-ee-AY-nuh. It is also the species most ornamental cultivars are bred from. Unfortunately this particular juniper is call the Eastern Red Cedar. It is not a cedar. It is a Juniper There are three native Junipers that I know of in the Eastern part of North America, the Common Juniper (Juniperus communis), the Creeping Juniper (Juniperus horizontalis) and a tree called the Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana). It is oddly called a Cedar, even though it is not a Cedar, but a Juniper

One of the best examples of this is Juniperus virginiana, or the eastern red-cedar, one of the several cedars that are actually junipers. It is the most common juniper in eastern North America Juniperus communis vs. Juniperus mexicana. Hier ist der richtige Ort, um sich über Pflanzen allgemein auszutauschen. Moderator: Tessa. 14 Beiträge • Seite 1 von 1 (Hat den Thread eröffnet) Katharina Master of Emulsifying Beiträge: 10111 Registriert: 22. Oktober 2007, 10:0 C3 ohrožený druh Plody Juniperus communis tzv. jalovčinky vznikají po oplození zdužnatěním plodolistů.Při dalším růstu se vyvíjejí bobulovité šištice, které mají na vrcholu jizvy, popřípadě skulinu, pod kterou jsou uvnitř semena. Jalovčinky jsou na velmi krátkých stopkách a v prvním podzimu mají vejčitý tvar a zelenou barvu, ve druhém až třetím roce, kdy.

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Juniperus communis Gold Schatz (Jalovec obecný) Juniperus communis Green Carpet (Jalovec obecný) Juniperus communis Repanda (Jalovec obecný) Juniperus virginiana Blue Arrow (Jalovec viržinský) Napište nám. 777 722 820. Jméno E-mail: Zpráva/dotaz: Pražská 1072 393 01 Pelhřimov Johnson, W. Final report on the safety assessment of Juniperus communis extract, Juniperus oxycedrus extract, Juniperus oxycedrus tar, Juniperus phoenicia extract, and Juniperus virginiana extract. Int J Tox2001;20 (sup 2):41-56 Tom Wessels, in Reading the Forested Landscape, uses the relative amount of eastern redcedar compared to that of its more northern relative, common juniper (Juniperus communis), to define the northern boundary of southern New England. Southern New England, he says, begins when the mix of these two species is 50-50, and this follows a wavy line. Jalovec obecný (Juniperus communis) vyprodáno - k dispozici příští sezonu. 180,- Kč Javor babyka (Acer campestre) k dispozici pro expedici v podzimní / jarní sezoně Lýkovec jedovatý (Daphne mezereum) k dispozici pro expedici v podzimní / jarní sezoně The junipers include roughly 60 different species of trees and shrubs in the Juniperus genus, within the cypress (Cupressaceae) family of plants.Although come junipers use the work cedar in their common names, these plants are not members of the Cedrus genus. The leaves of these evergreen conifers usually take the form of flattened scales in the mature plants, though they may be needle-like in.

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Bobulovité šištice druhů, které přícházejí v úvahu pro množení semenem, zrají u J. virginiana v 1. roce, u J. chinensis, J. communis, J. scopulorum aj. squamata až ve 2. roce. Ostatní původní druhy vyséváme jen pro botanické a šlechtitelské účely Fields, roadsides, abandoned pastures, and rocky slopes, sometimes ascending high into the mountains. Forms of this species occurring above treeline have sometimes been identified as Juniperus communis var. saxatilis Pallas (a taxonomic synonym of J. communis var. montana Ait.) Juniperus is one of the main genera of the Cupressaceae family. Some of the species, such as J. virginiana L. (eastern redcedar, red cedar juniper), is widely distributed indigenous species in the eastern parts of the United States and Canada, while others, such as J. excelsa Bieb (Greek juniper, tree juniper) and J. sabina L. (savin, Cossack juniper), occupy specific and rather limited.

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Juniperus virginiana Eastern Red Cedar Eastern Juniper Aromatic Red Cedar. 4. Juniperus virginiana, or otherwise known by its common name Eastern Red Cedar is the familiar species of my upbringing. It is a fairly common tree of the Southeast (less so in the mountains), Midwest and Great Plains regions of the the U.S. where it can grow on a wide. There are a number of ingredients derived from four species of juniper that may be used in cosmetic and personal care products. These include Juniperus Communis Fruit Extract, Juniperus Oxycedrus Fruit Extract, Juniperus Oxycedrus Wood Tar, Juniperus Phoenicea Gum Extract and Juniperus Virginiana Wood Extract. The Juniper-derived ingredients are used in the formulation of makeup products such. Final report on the safety assessment of Juniperus communis Extract, Juniperus oxycedrus Extract, Juniperus oxycedrus Tar, Juniperus phoenicea extract, and Juniperus virginiana Extract. Int J Toxicol. 2001;20 Suppl 2:41-56. doi: 10.1080/10915810160233758. PMID: 11558640. Gao HW, Huang XF, Yang TP, Chang KF, Yeh LW, Hsieh MC, Weng JC, Tsai NM

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FERTILIZATION IN JUNIPERUS COMMUNIS AND JUNIPERUS VIRGINIANA ALICE M. OTTLEY (WITH PLATES I-IV) INTRODUCTION AND METHODS The present paper is based upon a study of Juniperus communis and of Juniperus virginiana. J. comiunis was worked out more in detail, and throughout the following description it is the species referred to unless otherwise stated Ensläktet (Juniperus) [1] [2] är ett växtsläkte av träd och buskar inom familjen cypressväxter. [3] Släktets systematik är omdiskuterad och mellan 50 och 67 arter förs hit. Enar förekommer över hela norra halvklotet; från Arktis till tropiska Afrika i den palearktiska regionen och till Centralamerikas bergskedjor i den nearktiska regione

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Juniperus is een geslacht van de coniferen. Het geslacht telt een vijftig à zestig soorten, die voornamelijk voorkomen in de gematigde streken van het noordelijk halfrond, maar waarvan een aantal soorten voorkomt in bergen elders. De jeneverbes ( Juniperus communis) komt van nature in de Benelux in het wild voor, met name in duingebieden en op. 1983. Genetic and biogeographical analyses of natural hybridization between Juniperus virginiana and J. horizontalis Moench. Canad. J. Bot. 61: 2733-2746. 51. Dent, T. C. and R. P. Adams. 1983. Relationships of two isolated groups of sugar maples (Acer saccharum Marshall ssp. saccharum) in west central Oklahoma to eastern and western species Juniperus is primarily Eurasian, with one species (J. communis) holarctic, the only member of the section in N. America and by far the most widespread single conifer species. Sect. Caryocedrus is a local endemic in SW Asia and SE Europe. Sect