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Obsah PCDD/F je v těchto oblastech až 10 x vyšší než u ryb z jižní polokoule a Tichomoří. 2,3,7,8 tetrachlordibenzo-p-dioxin a 2,3,4,7,8 pentachlordibenzofuran jsou klasifikovány jako prokázané karcinogeny pro lidi (kategorie 1) PCDD /Fs and PCBs are stable chemicals that require temperatures far in excess of those encountered in cooking for their destruction. Decreases in concentration in meat during cooking have been observed. Thus in one study, pan-frying hamburger patties were found to reduce the amount of PCDD/Fs actually consumed by 40-50% if the pan fats and. Polychlorinated dibenzofurans ( PCDF s) are a family of organic compounds with one or several of the hydrogens in the dibenzofuran structure replaced by chlorines. For example, 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzofuran (TCDF) has chlorine atoms substituted for each of the hydrogens on the number 2, 3, 7, and 8 carbons (see structure in the upper left.

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Polychlorierte Dibenzo-p-dioxine und Dibenzofurane (PCDD/PCDF) sind zwei Gruppen chemisch ähnlich aufgebauter chlorierter organischer Verbindungen.Sie gehören zu den sauerstoffhaltigen Derivaten halogenierter Kohlenwasserstoffe und werden im allgemeinen Sprachgebrauch, teilweise auch in der Literatur, als Dioxine - oder fälschlich als Dioxin (Singular) - zusammengefasst PCDD a PCDF nebyly nikdy záměrně vyráběny a používány. Nepatrná množství byla připravena pouze pro analytické a experimentální účely. Tyto látky nemají žádné využití. Jako jedinou vyjímku lze zmínit herbicid, který byl jako složka přípravku s názvem Agent Orange používán k odlistění džunglí americkou. Vlastnosti. Dioxiny se v přírodě velmi pomalu rozkládají (podobně jako další halogenované organické sloučeniny) a protože jsou rozpustné v tucích, mají schopnost akumulovat se (hromadit se) v tukových tkáních.Nejznámějším dioxinem je 2,3,7,8-tetrachlordibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD), který vzniká nedokonalým spalováním chlorovaných organických látek, např

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  1. PCDD è la sigla utilizzata per indicare le policloro-dibenzo-p-diossine, famiglia di diossine che presentano più sostituenti cloro sui due anelli benzenici.Le PCDD vengono comunemente misurate, come d'altra parte le diossine e le sostanze correlate in genere, in tossicità equivalente (TEQ) alla tetracloro-dibenzo-p-diossina ().Le policlorodibenzodiossine hanno differente tossicità in.
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PCDD tvo ří 75 r ůzných izomer ů, PCDF tvo ří 135 izomer ů. Vznikají p ři nekontrolovaném ho ření r ůzných materiál ů obsahujících chlor. Jejich přirozeným zdrojem jsou sopky a lesní požáry. Antropogenními zdroji je spalování odpad ů ze zem ědělství, z pr ůmyslových spalovacích procesů, metalurgický pr ůmysl. www.pcdd.work. Countdown day: 50.. Dioksyny, polichlorowane dibenzo-p-dioksyny (ang. polychlorinated dibenzodioxins, PCDDs) - grupa organicznych związków chemicznych, będących pochodnymi oksantrenu (dibenzo-1,4-dioksyny). Ich szkielet tworzy jeden, centralnie położony, pierścień dioksanowy oraz dwa połączone z nim pierścienie benzenowe, w których atomy wodoru podstawione są atomami chloru w różnych konfiguracjach

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  1. 任何有關DVD的相關產品,相關技術的討論區. 子討論區: 軟體字幕討論區. 49,263. 458,935. ★★買了『ASUS BW-16D1H-U』備份... 由 wja12345 發表. 2021-07-08 01:22 PM. 音效討論區. 任何有關環繞音效,喇叭,音效卡,擴大器的問題,皆可在這裡討論另外,對於AV視聽器材,我們也相當歡迎.
  2. The Partnership Center for Development and Democracy (PCDD) is an independent, non-profit, civil society organization founded in March 2007 and based in Beirut. PCDD works to make the political process more inclusive and representative of marginalized groups, especially youth and women, in order to increase their participation in their communities. We build strong partnerships with local.
  3. ダイオキシン類(ダイオキシンるい、 Dioxins and dioxin-like compounds )は、ポリ塩化ジベンゾパラジオキシン(PCDD)、ポリ塩化ジベンゾフラン(PCDF)、ダイオキシン様ポリ塩化ビフェニル(DL-PCB)の総称である。 これらは塩素で置換された2つのベンゼン環という共通の構造を持ち、類似した毒性を.

In order to help increase sample through-put and overall efficiency in busy analytical laboratories, we offer ready-to-use calibration kits and support solutions for the following regulatory methods: We also offer solutions to test the resolution of common HRGC columns for 2,3,7,8-TCDD and 2,3,7,8-TCDF and set retention time windows for PCDD. Use of the information, documents and data from the ECHA website is subject to the terms and conditions of this Legal Notice, and subject to other binding limitations provided for under applicable law, the information, documents and data made available on the ECHA website may be reproduced, distributed and/or used, totally or in part, for non-commercial purposes provided that ECHA is. Zkontrolujte 'Pcdd' překlady do čeština. Prohlédněte si příklady překladu Pcdd ve větách, poslouchejte výslovnost a učte se gramatiku

Table 1. PCDD, PCDF and dl-PCB congeners specified in EU Legislation along with the TEF values stipulated in 1998 and 2005. (WHO 05 changes indicated in italics) Table 2. Maximum Levels for PCDD, PCDF and Dioxin-like PCB in Certain Foodstuffs, as Specified in EU Regulation (EC) No 1881/2006 Maximum levels Sum of Dioxins and Sum of Dioxins dl-PC 12-labelled PCDD and PCDF surrogate is usually done before sampling. After extraction and sample cleaning, analysis is performed with electron-impact, high-resolution mass spectrometry. A few comparative interlaboratory studies on the determination of PCDDs and PCDFs in ambient air have been performed (30,31) WHO-PCDD/F-TEQ is the sum of the toxic equivalencies of the 17 most toxicologically significant dioxins and furans. WHO-PCB-TEQ is the sum of the toxic equivalencies of the 12 dl-PCBs. Like dioxins, these dl-PCBs are assigned TEFs which classify these PCB congeners according to their toxicity as compared to 2,3,7,8-TCDD

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二噁英是指含有2个或1个氧键连结2个苯环的含氯有机化合物 ,它的英文名字Dioxin 。. 由于Cl原子在 1~9的取代位置不同 ,构成 75种异构体多氯代二苯 (PCDD)和 135种异构体多氯 二苯并呋喃 (PCDF) ,通常总称为二噁英 ,其 分子量 321.96,为白色结晶体,m. p. : 302~305. PCDD/F are highly toxic for human health and wildlife, remain intact in the environment for long periods of time, are widely distributed throughout the environment, and bioaccumulate in fatty tissues of humans and animals. Their toxic effect is mediated 1 Faculty of. Jednoznačně se dává přednost, určitě v případě konfirmačních metod, použití všech 17 vnitřních standardů 2,3,7,8-substituovaných PCDD/F značených pomocí 13C a všech 12 vnitřních standardů PCB s dioxinovým efektem značených pomocí 13C

V prípade konfirmačných metód existuje objektívne uprednostňovanie využívania všetkých vnútorných noriem PCDD/F 2,3,7,8-substituovaných, označených ako 17 13C a všetkých vnútorných noriem dioxínom podobných PCB označovaných ako 12 13C Meaning. PCDD. Polychlorinated Dibenzodioxins. PCDD. Primary Care Drug Dictionary. PCDD. Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes (epidemiology) PCDD. Personal Computer Digital Download The samples intended for the official control of the levels of dioxins (PCDD/ PCDF) content, as well for the determination of the content of dioxin like PCBs (1 ) in feedingstuffs, shall be taken in accordance with the provisions of Directive 76/371/EEC The human body burden of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins/furans (PCDD/Fs) and dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls (DL-PCBs) in residents' human milk from Guangdong Province, ChinaRui Huang a, Ping Wang a, Jianqing Zhang b, Shaowei Chen a, Pan Zhu c, Weilun Huo a, Yousheng Jiang b, Zihui Chen * a and Jiewen Peng * a a Guangdong Provincial Institute of Public Health, Guangdong Provincial.

In 1989, federal regulations were introduced that restricted the use of elemental liquid chlorine in pulp and paper mills, reducing overall inputs of PCDDs by over 90%. 2,7 For example, loadings of the most toxic PCDD (TCDD) have decreased by over 98% since 1992. 7 As a result, pulp and paper mill effluent is no longer considered a major source. The tetra- to octa-chlorinated PCDD/F homologue groups and 17 individual 2,3,7,8-substituted PCDD/F congeners in the smoke and the residues were analysed following the U.S. Environmental. Skupina polutantů, označovaná v literatuře zkratkou PCDD/F - polychlorované dibenzo-p-dioxiny (PCDD) a polychlorované dibenzofurany (PCDF) (obecně dioxiny a furany) - patří mezi nejsledovanější škodliviny v životním prostředí. Látky PCDD/F vzbudily mimořádnou odbornou i politickou pozornost po průmyslové havárii dne 10. 7 TZB-info / Technické normy / Hledat podle tříd / 83 OCHRANA ŽIVOTNÍHO PROSTŘEDÍ, PRACOVNÍ A OSOBNÍ OCHRANA, BEZPEČNOST STROJNÍCH ZAŘÍZENÍ A ERGONOMIE / 83 47 Metody a přístroje pro měření plynných emisí / ČSN EN 1948-3 Stacionární zdroje emisí - Stanovení hmotnostní koncentrace PCDD/PCDF a dioxinům podobných PCB - Část 3: Identifikace a stanovení PCDD/PCD

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Dibenzodioxinas policloradas (PCDDs, do inglês polychlorinated dibenzodioxins), ou simplesmente dioxinas, são um grupo de compostos orgânicos polialogenados que são altamente persistentes no meio ambiente e possuem estruturas químicas similares [1].São comumente citados como dioxinas por simplicidade em em publicações científicas porque cada molécula de PCDD contém uma estrutura. A: Canada28 mỗi 3 tiếng rưởi mở thưởng một lần, thời gian bảo trì vào mùa hè là từ 18:00 đến 19:00 mỗi ngày, thời gian bảo trì vào mùa đông là từ 19:00 đến 20:00 mỗi ngày, mỗi thứ 2 hàng tuần sẽ muộn hơn 1 giờ PCDD/PCDF are persistent in the environment and accumulate in animal fat. Occupational exposures to PCDD/PCDF at higher levels have occurred since the 1940s as a result of production and use of chlorophenols and chlorophenoxy herbicides. Even higher exposures have occurred sporadically in relation to accidents in these industries PCDD/ PCDF inventory development. Polychlorinated dibenzo-para-dioxins (PCDD) and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDF) are two of the twelve initial POPs included in the Stockholm Convention. In its decision 19/13 C of February 7, 1997, the Governing Council requested that UNEP develop and share information, among others, on sources of and.

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Nine catfish fillets, three catfish nuggets, two feed samples, and one pond sediment were analyzed for PCDD, PCDF, and PCB. Farm-raised catfish from Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas contained significant levels of 2,3,7,8-substituted PCDD and PCDF. In addition, a large number of non-2,3,7,8-substi The samples intended for the official control of the levels of dioxins (PCDD/ PCDF) content, as well for the determination of the content of dioxin like PCBs (1 ) in feedingstuffs, shall be taken in accordance with the provisions of Directive 76/371/EEC Início: 9:22Está chegando o grande dia da prova da PCDF para o cargo de Escrivão. E para te ajudar a turbinar ainda mais seus estudos, preparamos o Tiro Fina.. 0.75 ng WHO-PCDD/F-TEQ//kg (1,2) Feedingstuffs for fish Feedingstuffs for pet animals. 2.25ng WHO-PCDD/F-TEQ//kg (1,2) (1) upperbound concentrations; upperbound concentrations are calculated assuming that all values of the different congeners less than the limit of determination are equal to the limit of determination PCDD/F congener profiles are of interest in part because, if robust and unique profiles can be established for specific types of PCDD/F sources, it might be possible to identify and apportion source contributions to ambient total PCDD/F concentrations or TEQ levels (Gullett and Wikström, 2000, Abad et al., 2004, Pleil and Lorber, 2007, Kim et.

PCDD Series. The PCDD series is a part of the High Density D-subs family of connectors with size 22 machined contacts. PCDD series offer straight press-fit terminations, and industrial or Mil/Aero performance options. Create a Part PCDD-65. It has been housed in a body-integrated detection of left and right part, it is easy to mount. minimum of the web, we offer the widest variety as. PCDD-S50. Use only one pair left and right. The compact body, one side has a detection range of 464mm. Technical Data. MODE Growth of informal electronic waste (e-waste) recycling sector is an emerging problem for India. The presence of halogenated compounds in e-wastes may result in the formation of persistent organic pollutants like polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans (PCDD/Fs) during recycling processes 2,3,7,8-TCDD, 2,3,4,7,8-PeCDF, PCB 126 were also used in hydraulic fluids, plastics, and paints. The manufacture and use of PCBs in the United States was stopped in 1977 in vie Generalmente PCDD/PCDF e PCB non vengono rilevati nelle diverse matrici come singoli composti, ma come miscele complesse dei diversi congeneri aventi differente tossicità. Per esprimere la tossicità dei singoli congeneri è stato introdotto il concetto di fattore di tossicità equivalente, TEF

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environment. PCDD/Fs can be found in many environmental matrices such as soils, air, and water. The basic structure of PCDD/Fs comprises two benzene rings joined by either a single (furan) or a double oxygen bridge (dioxin), see Figure 1. There are 210 possible combinations of chlorine atoms on the skeletal structure of dioxins and furans Characteristics of the participating women and children as well as blood serum concentrations of THs are given in Table 1.PCB concentrations in maternal blood serum and breast milk PCDD/F and PBDE concentrations are presented in Table 2.In blood serum, di-ortho PCBs was the substance group with the highest median concentration (128 ng/g lipid).). The median concentration of PCDD/F TEQ in. In turn, the levels of PCDD/Fs in air are even higher than in 2014 (mean value: 0.044 vs. .026pgWHO-TEQ/m3 in 2014), being also the highest detected in similar zones of Catalonia. The current cancer risk due to PCDD/F exposure for the residents in the neighborhood of the IWMF is 2.3×10-6, a worrying fact as the 10-6 threshold continues to be. EU-RL Proficiency Tests for PCDD/Fs and PCBs - Evaluation of data and scoring of results - Alexander Kotz, Johannes Hädric h, Kerstin Wahl, Katharina Djuchin and Rainer Malisch European Union Reference Laboratory for Dioxins and PCBs in Feed and Food, Freiburg, Germany Final results workshop of Biennial Globa Example sentences with PCDD, translation memory add example hu A megerősítő módszerek esetében mindenképpen előnyösebb, ha mind a tizenhét 13C-jelölésű 2,3,7,8-klórszubsztituált belső PCDD /F-standardot és mind a tizenkettő 13C-jelölésű belső dioxinszerű PCB-standardot alkalmazzuk

Meaning. PCDD. Polychlorinated Dibenzodioxins. PCDD. Primary Care Drug Dictionary. PCDD. Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes (epidemiology) PCDD. Personal Computer Digital Download PCDD/PCDF from known sources available for far from the published scientific literature, from government reports, and based on personal communication. UNEP is fully aware that further intensified efforts are needed to better identify and quantify sources of dioxin and furan emissions before a globa Dioxins and POPs Testing. Professionals running projects requiring dioxin and POP's (Persistent Organic Pollutants) testing are faced with numerous possibilities and challenges. When it comes to the testing phase, we at ALS believe that it is our role to provide convenient solutions. Having the option to choose from an extensive list of. The TEF of the most potent PCDD/PCDF congener called 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) is 1. Three TEQ values were generated for each DLC congener reported and for each sample, reflecting.


The PCDD/PCDF are then ext racted from the front half rinses and filter and another separate extraction is performed on the XAD-2® and back half rinses. 2.3 The filter and X AD-2® extracts are then analyzed separately. Surrogate recoveries are determined for both fractions. The a nalysis is performed using high resolution gas chromatograph [en] In connection with law-imposed waste disposal regulations concerning the modernisation of the incineration ''Munich-North'', local authorities and residents raised objections. Based on an immission calculation using a numerical model concerning the impact of PCDD/PCDF on the soil (study I), conclusions were drawn that the former immissions were so high that further impact on the soil by a. PCDD/Fs directly to soil; for example by land application of municipal or industrial sludge, or by the use of pesticides that could contain trace amounts of PCDD/Fs. The potential releases of PCDD/Fs to the environment from municipal or pulp and paper sludge are expected to be minimal because sludges contain low concentrations o

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A mintában lévő mennyiségeket a mérési reakció és a TCDD-vel (vagy a PCB-126-tal vagy pedig PCDD-ből/PCDF-ből/dioxin jellegű PCB-ből álló standard keverékkel) készített kalibrációs görbe összehasonlításával kell megbecsülni, és ez alapján lehet kiszámítani a kivonatra és ezt követően a mintára jellemző BEQ-értéket Animals received a single subcutaneous exposure to a defined PCDD/PCDF mixture (total dose of 27,800 ng/kg bw), which contained 120 ng TCDD/kg bw. Using the now somewhat dated I-TE (internation TCDD toxic equivalence) factors, the total administered dose corresponded to 464 ng I-TE/kg bw. The concentrations of specific congeners in liver and. Omezování emisí látek PCDD/F při energetickém využívání odpadů. Skupina polutantů, označovaná v literatuře zkratkou PCDD/F - polychlorované dibenzo-p-dioxiny (PCDD) a polychlorované dibenzofurany (PCDF) (obecně dioxiny a furany) - patří mezi nejsledovanější škodliviny v životním prostředí

Laboratory Procedure Manual . Analyte: Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and furans (PCDD/F) and . co-planar polychlorinated biphenyls (cPCB). Matrix: Serum / Plasma Method: Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE), Purification by Acid-silica and Carbon, Analysis by Gas chromatography isotope dilution hig V současné době existují na trhu různé technologie, které umožňují snížení emisí látek PCDD/F u energetického využívání odpadu na hodnotu danou směrnicí EU o spalování odpadů č. 76/2000 i českým zákonem o ovzduší č. 86/2002 Sb. Emisního limitu látek PCDD/F 0,1 ng TE/Nm3 má být dle české legislativy dosaženo nejpozději 28. 12. 2004 The method uses isotope dilution to quantify very low concentrations of individual PCDD and PCDF congeners. Method TO-9A Compendium of Methods for the Determination of Toxic Organic compounds in Ambient Air (Second Edition, 1999) (PDF) (94 pp, 854K, About PDF) describes collection, preparation, and analysis of polyhalogenated dioxins. These. ダイオキシン類は、毒性の強さがそれぞれ異なっており、pcddのうち2と3と7と8の位置に塩素の付いたもの(2,3,7,8-tecdd)がダイオキシン類の仲間の中で最も毒性が強いことが知られています


La demi-vie d'élimination des dioxines (PCDD et PCDF) est en moyenne de 7-8 ans chez l'adulte (intervalle de 2 à 12 ans). L'excrétion lactée est excellente : la concentration des PCDD/F est à peu près constante dans la fraction lipidique de tous les tissus et liquides biologiques, chez un même individu et le lait est riche en lipides PCDF è la sigla che identifica il dibenzofurano policlorurato.Questa definizione, più che a un singolo composto, si riferisce a una classe di composti molto tossici prodotti in fase gassosa dalla combustione incompleta di materiale organico contenente cloro e che sono comunemente inclusi nella categoria delle diossine, pur essendo in realtà dei derivati del furano - pcdd-65(pcda-80a) 左右の検出部が一体型ボディに収められていますので、取付が容易です。 ウエブの最小、最大幅に応じて多種用意しています WHO-PCDD/F-TEQ ist die Summe der Toxizitätsäquivalente der insgesamt 17 toxikologisch wichtigsten Dioxinen und Furanen. WHO-PCB-TEQ ist die Summe der Toxizitätsäquivalente der 12 dl-PCB, denen wie den Dioxinen TEF zugeordnet wurden, welche diese PCB-Kongenere gemäß ihrer Toxizität im Vergleich zu 2,3,7,8-TCDD einstufen (1993). PCDD/F and PCB emission from steel producing, processing and reclamation plants with varying input. Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry: Vol. 40, Ecoinforma '92, pp. 201-211

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Translations in context of pcdd in Italian-English from Reverso Context: Diossina (somma di PCDD e PCDF, espressi in equivalenti tossici internazionali Looking for online definition of PCDD or what PCDD stands for? PCDD is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionar Although both approaches were capable of detecting ultra-low concentrations of total PCDD/Fs, the modified 0023A approach showed better detectability for the 17 toxic PCDD/F congeners. Furthermore, the modified 0023A approach demonstrated higher precision as determined from statistical analysis of sample-to-sample variation パラ-ジオキシン(pcdd)、ポリ塩化ジベンゾフラン (pcdf)、コプラナーポリ塩化ビフェニル(co -pcb)という化合物の総称です (1)。塩素の数や 位置の違いで、pcdd は75 種類、pcdf は135 種類、co-pcb は十数種類の物質がありま

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The temporal trends of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans (PCDD/Fs) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) were investigated in soils from an E-waste dismantling area in East China between 2005 and 2011. Isotope dilution high resolution gas chromatography/hig PCDD/PCDF and PCB are to be determined, it is necessary after extraction to split the sample for two different preliminary fractionation and cleanup procedures. The. M428 Page 7. constituents in each of the processed extracts are separated with high resolution capillar For PCDD/F it was stated that around 95% of contamination occurred via food of animal origin, when people have been exposed to neither occupational nor acute events such as transformator fires 33. Maximum PCDD/F and PCB level in foodstuffs varies from foodstuff (Meat, butter, fats, fish etc.) and from country to country

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Airborne PCDD's ranged from 7.1 to 21.0 pg/m 3 but TCDD was not detected. The surface concentrations of PCB's were as high as 280,000 /µg/l00 cm 2 in basement areas, 98,000 µg/100 cm 2 in first floor areas, and 190 µg/l00 cm 2 in second floor areas. PCDF'S, TCDF, and PCDD's were present in surface wipe samples from areas of the. PCDD/PCDF levels in the original residues ranged between 4.85 and 197 ng g⁻¹, being higher for the electrostatic precipitator fly ash. The toxic equivalent (TEQ) varied ten fold, ranging 0.18. Real PCDD and PCDF emission data from a statistically planned measurement programme at Amagerforbrænding, Copenhagen, 1985 are analyzed. It is demonstrated how statistical analysis of variance can. The emission factors of PCDD/Fs from the HWIs examined in this work were in the range of .27-18 µg TEQ/ton hazardous waste, with an average value of 3.74 µg TEQ/ton hazardous waste. It is estimated that 5.0 g TEQ of PCDD/Fs was released from HWIs to the atmosphere in China in 2010, which is less than that seen in 2004

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Las dioxinas son compuestos químicos que se producen a partir de procesos de combustión que implican al cloro. [1] El término se aplica indistintamente a las policlorodibenzofuranos (PCDF) y las policlorodibenzodioxinas (PCDD).. Las dioxinas son un grupo de compuestos químicos que devienen contaminantes ambientales persistentes Singapore Government Directory, an online information service to facilitate communication between members of the public and the public service The PCDD/F adhered to glass fibre filters and rinsed from the sampling probe thereafter was defined as solid-phase PCDD/F, while the rest adsorbed in XAD-2 resin was defined as vapour-phase PCDD/F; these two recovered samples were analysed separately by our accredited laboratory, which specializes in PCDD/F sampling and analysis Listen to pcdd | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. 1 Tracks. Stream Tracks and Playlists from pcdd on your desktop or mobile device PCDD/Fs and DL-PCBs are in general well absorbed, with the exception of the octachlorinated PCDD/F congeners. They are transported to all parts of the body via the blood where they are found in lipid particles and also bound to proteins. Most of the 2,3,7,8-substituted PCDD/Fs and DL-PCBs are poorly metabolised but with some species- and.